Summarized List of Assignments

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2016Oct 2015 - May 2016KenyaMinistry of Land, Housing and Urban DevelopmentConsultancy Services for Preparation Of Revenue Enhancement Studies in 4 Selected Counties (Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado and Murang’a Counties)Ongoing
2015Oct - Dec 2015The GambiaOffice of the PresidentReview of the Civil Service Reform ProgrammeCompleted
2015Sept 2014-January 2015EthiopiaUK DFIDEthiopia Governments Workforce StudyCompleted
2015April-August 2015SomaliaThe World BankSomalia strengthening of information systemCompleted
2015Feb - Mar 2015RwandaDepartment for International Development (DfID), RwandaEvaluation of the Strategic Capacity Building InitiativeCompleted
2015July 2014 - Aug 2015KenyaMinistry of Devolution & PlanningCapacity Assessment and Rationalisation of The Public Service at The National and County GovernmentsOngoing
20142014GhanaGovernment of GhanaPreparatory Work for Government-wide HR AuditCompleted
2014Apr – June 2014KenyaThe World Bank/Salaries and Remuneration CommissionPublic Service Remunerations and Benefits PolicyCompleted
2014Jan 2013 – Aug 2014TanzaniaPrime Minister’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PMO-RALG)Consultancy services for Institutional Strengthening of Dar es Salaam Local Authorities in Support of Preparation of the Proposed Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project (DMDP)Completed
2013Feb – May 2013KenyaAMSCO BVConsultancy to Evaluate The African Training And Management Services (ATMS) Project In Kenya – Phase IVCompleted
2013Jan - Mar 2013KenyaGiZ KenyaConsultancy To Support Policy Dialogue On Reshaping GovernmentCompleted
2012Aug 2011 – Apr 2012KenyaEU – Ministry of Foreign Affairs KenyaConsultancy to develop a Foreign Trade Policy strategy paper that will strengthen the Ministry’s foreign trade department and provide strategies to restructure and enable it to face the emerging global challengesCompleted
20122012Sierra LeoneDfID Evaluation of DfID Support to Healthcare Workers Salaries in Sierra LeoneCompleted
2012May - July 2012RwandaMinistry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MINAFFET)Institutional AuditCompleted
2012Apr - Aug 2012St Helena, UKSt Helena GovernmentPay and Grading structure for The St. Helena Government civil serviceCompleted
2012Feb – Mar 2012South SudanThe World BankAssess performance of the Capacity Building components of the World Bank managed Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) projects in South SudanCompleted
2012Sept 2011 - Mar 2012KenyaEuropean Commission / Ministry of Foreign AffairsAssistance to Develop The Foreign Trade Policy Paper for The Ministry of Foreign AffairsCompleted
2011Dec 2010 - Feb 2011KenyaDANIDA/Office of the Prime MinisterIndependent End of Programme Evaluation of the Results for Kenyans ProgrammeCompleted
2011Jan - Mar 2011Antigua & BarbudaMinistry of Finance, The Economy and Public AdministrationEnhancing Efficiency in Personnel Expenditure ProjectCompleted
20112011RwandaMinistry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN)Consultancy to Conduct an Annual Independent Review and Evaluation of the Performance of the Public Financial Management (PFM) Reform Program (2011-2013)Completed
2011Jan – Mar 2011RwandaMinistry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN)Consultancy to conduct a mid-term review of the Government of Rwanda Public Financial Management Reform Strategy for the Ministry of Finance and Economic PlanningCompleted
20112011RwandaRwanda Governance Advisory Council (RGAC)Consultancy to Design A Strategic Plan, Action Plan and Budget for Rwanda Governance Advisory Council (RGAC) for 2011-2015Completed
20112011RwandaPublic Sector Capacity Building SecretariatDevelop a Strategic Plan for the Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (2010 – 2014), in addition to a three-year rolling plan (MTEF) and a Result Monitoring Framework to facilitate M&E in order to track implementation progressCompleted
2011August – December 2011UgandaThe World Bank UgandaAssessment of the supporting/oversight institutional framework, systems and capacity building needs of 14 municipalitiesCompleted
2011Sept-Oct. 2011South SudanLocal Government Recovery Programme (LGRP), UNDP Southern SudanConsultancy to develop a revenue enhancement and public financial management improvement strategy for local governments in South SudanCompleted
2011May – Jun 2011RwandaThe World BankEnsuring Sufficient and Sustainable Capacity and Performance of Rwanda’s Public Sector: Key Issues, Challenges and Strategic Imperatives Based on Case Studies of Agricultural and Energy SectorsCompleted
2011Oct 2010-April 2011SomaliaUnited Nations Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralised Service Delivery (UNCDF)Consultancy to develop fund flow mechanisms for a Local Development Fund (LDF) and conduct the Assessment of Minimum Conditions for Accessing the Local Development Fund (LDF) in 10 districts in Puntland and SomalilandCompleted
2010October 2010-Feb.2011South SudanLocal Government Recovery Programme (LGRP), UNDP Southern SudanDevelopment of Orientation Module for Local Government Councillors. Consultancy to develop a training module for orienting and guiding councillors in light of international best practice and in view of the current capacity of local governments and councillors in Southern SudanCompleted
2010Aug 2010ZimbabweThe World BankConsultancy to provide a combination of advisory services and diagnostics to enhance public sector management for improved service delivery – Zimbabwe Public Administration 'Re-Professionalization' SupportCompleted
2010Feb – May 2010KenyaFinancial Sector Deepening Kenya/Ministry of Cooperative Development and MarketingRecruitment of Senior Officers, Sacco Societies Regulatory AuthorityCompleted
2010June 2010MongoliaThe World BankConsultancy to analyze key elements of the personnel management regime for soum-level Rangers and Aimag-level inspectorsCompleted
2010June 2010 – Aug 2010NigeriaHTSPEUnder DfID funding, contracted on a State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability (SPARC) project, Nigeria Count Down Strategy for Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)Completed
2010February – June 2010TanzaniaSub-contracted with PricewaterhouseCoopers on an Africa Development Bank sponsored studyStudy of Domestic Resources Mobilisation in East Africa Community Countries and South AfricaCompleted
2010January – April 2010TanzaniaSub-contracted with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)Firm provided a consultant who was the Team Leader for the survey of public servants commissioned by Tanzania President’s Office for Public Service Management (PO-PSM), in the context of implementation of the Second Phase of the Tanzania Public Service Reform ProgrammeCompleted
2010March 2010-Dec 2010SomaliaUnited Nations Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralised Service Delivery (UNDP, UNCDF, ILO, UNICEF and UN-Habitat)Consultancy to develop Decentralisation Policy Options for SomaliaCompleted
2009Sept – Dec 2009KenyaFinancial Sector Deepening Kenya/Ministry of Cooperative Development and MarketingSupport in the organisational development and business planning for the newly established Kenya SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA)Completed
2009Apr - July 2009KenyaMinistry of Local GovernmentTA to assist ODPM & MOLG review the performance of Local Authorities and Develop a Revenue Enhancement Manual and an M&E Framework for monitoring the preparation and implementation of Revenue Enhancement Plans by LAs in KenyaCompleted
20092009KenyaOffice of the Prime Minister/DANIDAMid Term Evaluation of the Results for Kenyans ProgrammeCompleted
2009April 2008- Jan 2009NamibiaFrench Embassy in NamibiaConsultancy to develop and support the roll out of Regional Development Planning Guidelines to be used by Regional Councils in planning for use of the Development Grant and to integrate Regional development planning with the national development planningCompleted
2009May 2008 – January 2009NigeriaNigeria Federal Public ServiceStrategy Adviser for the development of a comprehensive and long term strategy for Nigeria Federal Public Service ReformCompleted
20092009UgandaMinistry of Public ServiceConsultancy services to Review and Develop the Rewards and Sanctions Framework for the MinistryCompleted
2009August 2009South SudanDfID Support to Effective Administrative and Democratic Governance In Southern Sudan (SEADGOSS) Annual Review for the Government of Southern SudanCompleted
20092009TanzaniaCIDAReview of the e-Government systems being implemented under the public sector reform programmeCompleted
2008Jan – June 2008UgandaMinistry of Public ServiceImproved Pay Change Report and ManualCompleted
2008Aug - Oct 2008MalawiGovernment of MalawiReview of the Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) of the Government of MalawiCompleted
20082008KenyaOffice of the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Local Government (Kenya Local Government Reform Programme)Development of Revenue Enhancement Manual for Local AuthoritiesCompleted
20082008ZambiaCabinet OfficeEvaluate the Impact and Implementation of the Service Delivery Improvement Fund (SDIF) for Cabinet Office, Government of ZambiaCompleted
20082008ZambiaCabinet OfficeMid-term review for the public service management in ZambiaCompleted
20082008NamibiaFrench Embassy in NamibiaConsultancy on the Design of Recurrent and Development Grant Systems for Regional Councils in Namibia aimed at allocating and transferring funds to Regional Councils on a formula basis in order to ensure equity, efficiency, transparency and predictability and promote sustainable development and improved service deliveryCompleted
2008Jan - Jun 2008Uganda Ministry of Public ServicePayroll ManagementCompleted
2008June 2007-Feb 2008TanzaniaMinistry of Finance/9th EDFProject for Capacity Building for Participatory Development, Within the Context of the Local Government Reform ProgrammeCompleted
2008Jan 2007 – Dec 2008TanzaniaTanzanian Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA), Millennium Challenge Account (MCA)The Public Procurement Reform ProjectCompleted
2008Jun 2007 - Feb 2008TanzaniaTanzania President’s Office, Public Service ManagementCapacity Evaluation and Plan for Implementation of the PSRP Phase 2Completed
2008May – Aug 2008TanzaniaPresident’s Office Public Service Management & The Cabinet Secretariat, Office of the Chief SecretaryMeasures to Strengthen the Policy Development Process, TanzaniaCompleted
20082007-08TanzaniaPO-PSMStrategic and technical advice for Tanzania Public Service Reform – Phases 1 and 2Completed
20082008TanzaniaMinistry of Justice and Constitutional AffairsSupported the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in Tanzania to develop the vision, strategy and programme for legal sector reformCompleted
20082008TanzaniaCIDAConsultancy for Presidents Office-PSM in Tanzania on e-Government and ICT related issues in the Government. The outputs were initiatives to accelerate e-Government adoptionCompleted
20082008TanzaniaPresident’s Office for Public Service Management (PO-PSM)Consultancy to advise/facilitate the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar/Office of the Chief Secretary to develop a Public Service Management PolicyCompleted
20082008TanzaniaPrime Minister’s Office - PSMDevelopment of Strategy for the Business Environment Strengthening for Tanzania (BEST) programmeCompleted
20082008RwandaMinistry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN), Inter Governmental Fiscal Relations (IGFR) UnitLocal Government Capacity Building on Revenue MobilizationCompleted
2008Sept – Oct 2008RwandaDepartment for International Development (DfID)Joint mission on Development Partner Support to Public Financial Management and Civil Service ReformCompleted
20072007KenyaOffice of the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Local Government (Kenya Local Government Reform Programme)Study on Issues and Options for Local Governance and Service Delivery in KenyaCompleted
2007Sept 2006 - Jan 2007TanzaniaPresidents Office Public Service Management (PO-PSM)Review of e-Government and ICT related issues for the Government of TanzaniaCompleted
2006Oct 2005 – Oct 2006Uganda The World Bank and Ministry of Local GovernmentThe Second Local Government Development Programme (LGDP II) Uganda, Study and Reform of Business LeviesCompleted
2006July – Dec 2006UgandaMinistry of Public ServicePayroll Cleaning ExerciseCompleted
2001Nov 2001 – Aug 2002Uganda Ministry of Local GovernmentDesign of a Monitoring and Evaluation, and Inspection and Information Communication System Manual for Uganda’s Local Government SystemCompleted
20012001 – 02Uganda USAIDStrengthening Decentralisation in Uganda SDU/USAID Project in UgandaCompleted
20002000-2001Uganda USAIDImplementing Policy Change, IPC/USAID Decentralisation Project in UgandaCompleted